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1 DOWN Al teaches a young lady to dance the _____ in Scent of a Woman
2 ACROSS Al studied at the famous ______ ______ under one of his mentors Lee Strassberg. Other former students include Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe.
3 DOWN The first name of Al's on-screen wife in The Godfather and real life longtime girlfriend.
4 ACROSS The first name of Al's character in Author! Author!.
5 ACROSS The last name of Al's co-star in Scarecrow.
6 DOWN Michael Corleone has his brother Fredo ______.
7 ACROSS What Al does for a living.
8 ACROSS Movie in which Al plays an undercover cop who investigates murders in the gay community in New York.
9 ACROSS In Frankie and Johnny the whole gang goes out for a night of _______.
9 DOWN Musical instruments that Al plays that also appears on a shower curtain Sea of Love.
10 DOWN Upcoming movie of Al's in which one of the characters is computer generated.
11 ACROSS Play Al appeared in with his old roomate Martin Sheen in 1986-7.
12 DOWN Al starred in the play ________ Buffalo in four different productions.
13 DOWN New York landmark Al grew up next to.
14 DOWN Hotel where Slade and Charlie stayed in Scent of a Woman. ________ Astoria.
15 ACROSS Film in which Al played a journalist.
16 ACROSS French Emperor Al is supposed to play in an upcoming project.
17 DOWN The last name of Al's co-star in Chinese Coffee.
18 DOWN Sonny has to explain to Sal that this state is not a country in Dog Day Afternoon.
19 ACROSS Finish this quote from The Godfather:   "He made him an _____ he couldn't refuse"
20 DOWN Al's character bought this co-star a tiger on their wedding day.
21 ACROSS The last name of the actor who co-starred with Al in both ...And Justice For All  and the only television episode he ever did.
22 ACROSS The last name of Al's character in Revolution.
23 ACROSS Movie in which Al's character was given a Lion.
24 DOWN Al co-starred with this actor in The Godfather Part II but didn't actually appear on the same screen with him until Heat.
25 DOWN The third film Al has directed.
26 ACROSS Number of times Al has been married.
27 DOWN The first word of the title of Al's first starring role on film.
28 ACROSS Complete the title of the play about Vietnam Al starred in. "The Basic Training of ______  _______"
28 DOWN A musical instrument Al plays.
29 DOWN Complete this quote from Glengarry Glen Ross.   "Who told you you could work with _____"
30 ACROSS Co-star who played a murder suspect and shoe store manager in Sea of Love.
31 DOWN What they rob in Dog Day Afternoon.
32 ACROSS Al's nickname as a boy, his nickname in Dog Day Afternoon and his brother's name in The Godfather
33 DOWN Name of the only TV episode Al ever appeared in.
34 ACROSS The last name of the author of Al's only biography to date.
35 DOWN Al's good friend and the Ch in Al's production company, Chal Productions.
36 DOWN Col. Slade needed Charlie's halp in Scent of a Woman because he was ______.
37 ACROSS The kind of pet Al has in Looking for Richard.
38 DOWN The film in which John Goodman's character asks Al's if he could date a woman with a dick.
39 ACROSS The man who hears Al's confession in Godfather III.
40 ACROSS The first name of the co-star in Devil's Advocate who is in a band called "Dogstar".
41 ACROSS Last word of the title of a film Al appears in with Madonna.
42 ACROSS The title of Al's biography.
43 DOWN After he quit school Al studied acting at __ _______s.
44 DOWN Australian Oscar winning co-star of The Insider
45 ACROSS Where Al was born
46 DOWN The Name of the first film Al directed which has never been released.
47 DOWN Performed Hughie at the _____ _____ Forum.
48 ACROSS Film in which he is married twice.
49 ACROSS His mother's first name.
50 ACROSS In this movie the woman playing his sister would later play his daughter in another film.
51 DOWN What they sold in Glengarry Glen Ross.
52 ACROSS Bobby Deerfield was shot in several countries on this continent.
53 DOWN Al's ____  was in "Holy Hollywood" and an exercise video for seniors.
54 ACROSS Al was nominated for seven of these before finally winning one for Scent of a Woman
55 ACROSS Movie in which Al plays a detective in the Los Angeles Police Dept.
56 DOWN Last name of Al's co-star and then girlfriend in the play America Hurrah and the tv show N.Y.P.D.
57 DOWN Mother of Al's only son.
58 ACROSS First name of co-star of Glengarry Glen Ross and Looking for Richard who did an impersonation of Al on Saturday Night Live.
59 DOWN The kids at school called Al "the ______".
60 DOWN The woman who played Al's daughter in this film once played his sister in another earlier film.
61 ACROSS Movie in which Al plays an undercover cop who battles corruption in his own department.
62 ACROSS Al's character's nickname in Scarecrow
63 DOWN Al's oldest daughter's name.
64 DOWN Film in which Al plays a racecar driver.
65 ACROSS Film in which Al plays a soldier who is unwillingly caught up in the war around him.
66 DOWN Al's girlfriend recently gave birth to ______
67 ACROSS Al's father's name.
68 DOWN His son's name.
69 ACROSS Al's youngest daughter's name.
70 ACROSS The character who said, "I'm just a spoke in a wheel."
71 ACROSS Al was awarded the Cecil B. Demille Lifetime Achievement Award at the  ______ Globes.
72 ACROSS Last name of director who worked with Al twice; once as a cop and once a journalist.
73 ACROSS The name of Al's character in the David Mamet play he appeared in on Broadway four separate times.
74 DOWN The crime that Johnny committed that sent him to jail in Frankie and Johnny.
75 ACROSS The film in which Al plays a coach.
76 ACROSS The name of the character Al plays in Glengarry Glen Ross
77 DOWN Al yells this at the crowd in Dog Day Afternoon
78 ACROSS To seduce Frankie Johnny makes her a _____ sandwich for lunch in Frankie and Johnny
79 DOWN What kind of drug is sold in Scarface?
80 DOWN Al's middle name.
81 ACROSS The one-act play by Eugene O'Neill Al performed in Los Angeles.
82 DOWN In which Godfather did one of Michael's children die?
83 ACROSS Al's agent's first name.
84 DOWN Al's ex-girlfriend's last name, and the last name of a detective he played.
85 ACROSS The name of the village in Sicily Vito came from in The Godfather.
86 ACROSS The last name of Al's co-star in Author! Author! and his real life girlfriend at that time.
86 DOWN The last name of the real-life subject of The Insider.
87 ACROSS The sport Frankie and Johnny played on their lunch break in Frankie and Johnny.
88 ACROSS The name of Al's character in Dick Tracy
89 DOWN The profession Al has portrayed the most.
90 ACROSS One of the pets Serpico had that he held in his hand.
91 ACROSS The city Heat was set in.
92 ACROSS First name of co-star and real-life girlfriend in Carlito's Way
93 ACROSS Online auction site where you can buy Pacino memorabilia.
94 ACROSS "Who speaks of triumph, to ________ is everything." (Al's favorite quote)
95 ACROSS Last name of the Cuban immigrant Al played who persued the American dream to a violent end.
96 ACROSS Al got his start in ________ theater.
97 ACROSS Suicidal military man on a mission to New York City.
98 ACROSS Film in which Al plays an angel of sorts.
99 ACROSS Which Godfather used Cuba as a setting?
100 ACROSS Al's home town.
101 ACROSS The sport played in Any Given Sunday
102 ACROSS The name of the play Al's character writes in Author! Author!
103 ACROSS The place where his lifetime achievement tribute was held.

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 South Park, Cartman takes Kyle out on a boat to kill him, a la Fredo on Godfather II.

 "Little Nicky" (film). Adam Sandler does an imitation of Tony Montana from Scarface. (thanks SpanishChica for this info)

 "Seeing Pacino" (film short)  A group of fans fight to be the first to see the latest Al Pacino film.   Another funny yet disturbing film about obsession.   another link

 "Pacino is Missing" film, I don't know of any connection with Al. I don't think he's in it. I haven't seen it. Here is the official website

Celebrity Death Match. MTV's claymation cartoon of Pacino fighting to the death with Robert De Niro using characters from their films. The match is moderated by Marlon Brando and is fall in the floor funny.  

Saturday Night Fever (1977)  the scene with John Travolta primping in front of his bedroom mirror in his underwear. There's a Serpico poster on the wall, and John looks at it and says "Pa-CHEE-no!"  (thanks leslyedana for this info)

"The Goodbye Girl" (1977)  with Richard Dreyfuss and Marsha Mason.   When arguing why he should go to Washington and make a movie instead of staying in New York Dreyfuss says, "Who ever heard of Al Pacino before The Godfather?"  (thanks Courtney Davis for this info)

"Jane Austen's Mafia" - (movie) a parody of mafia movies including The Godfather.

What do you get when you cross The Godfather with a lawyer? An offer you can't understand.

When is it okay for a man to kiss another man?  When he is your brother and you are Al Pacino, and this is the only really sportsmanlike way to let him know that, for business reasons, you have to have him killed.

"Friends" (tv show)  (thanks Jazz for typing this)

JOEY: (ON THE PHONE) Uh huh.. uh huh... oh my God! Okay! Okay, I'll be there! 
(TO ALL) That was my agent. My agent has just gotten me a job - in the new Al Pacino movie!
ALL: Oh my God! Whoah!
MONICA: Well, what's the part?
JOEY: Can you believe this? Al Pacino! This guy's the reason I became an actor! 'I'm out of order? You're out of order! This whole courtroom's out of order!'
PHOEBE: Seriously, what's the part?
JOEY: 'Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!'
ROSS: C'mon, seriously, Joey, what's the part?
JOEY: ...I'm his (MUMBLES)
RACHEL: ..You're, you're 'mah mah mah' what?
JOEY: ...I'm his butt double. Okay? I play Al Pacino's butt. Alright? He goes into the shower, and then - I'm his butt.
JOEY: C'mon, you guys. This is a real movie, and Al Pacino's in it, and that's big!
CHANDLER: Oh no, it's terrific, it's - it's - y'know, you deserve this, after all your years of struggling, you've finally been able to crack your way into show business.
JOEY: Okay, okay, fine! Make jokes, I don't care! This is a big break for me!
ROSS: You're right, you're right, it is...So you gonna invite us all to the big opening?

(Joey eventually gets fired for too much "clenching" during the scene)

  "Just Shoot Me" (tv show)  Nina Van Horn: "And... we just saw Al Pacino get his ass kicked in front of Starbucks. Hoo ha!"

 Rugrats in Paris (animated film)  Parody of The Godfather scene where Brando is granting favors on his daughter's wedding day. It is near the end of Rugrats.

 "Conan O'Brian" did a computer generated combination of Al and Bev to make a picture of what their twins will look like. (thanks Joan Butryn for this info)

 Dana Carvey does a Scarface impression in Master of Disguise.

 Kevin Spacey does probably one of the best and most famous imitations of him. Here is a picture of him doing his bit Al on SNL., "Al Pacino gets hearing aid; apologizes for last 18 films"   A very silly (and untrue) article about Al's yelling.

 Soundbites / practical jokes:   You can hear lots of Al sounds from his movies here. You can also hear practical joke phone calls the people made using the sounds from his movies. (soundbites-   takes awhile to download)
(pranks -

 "Big Al" (movie short)  A down and out screenwriter obsessed with Al Pacino gets the chance to pitch a screenplay to him.  He and his friend frantically try to come up with an idea they think would appeal to him. A funny and disturbing look at obsession.

  BIG AL (play) stage version of the short film. It was playing off Broadway while Al was starring in "The Risistable Rise of Arturo Ui" in NY too.
    STARS: Juan Carlos Hernandez, David Thornton, Frank Whaley
    AUTHOR: Bryan Goluboff                
    DIRECTOR: Evan Bergman
    PRODUCER: Laine Valentino/Evan Bergman
    PRESS AGENT: Sam Rudy

    (thanks Andy B. for this info)
    Al Pacino Focus of New Play 'Big Al' at Off-Broadway, Mon Oct 21, Ernio Hernandez
    Playbill On-Line, "HOO-AHH!"
    Many remember the interjection exclaimed in "Scent of a Woman" the Academy Award-winning turn by Al Pacino (news). While the actor still dazzles audiences on the screen - as expected in the upcoming "Angels in America" - Pacino has recently been a constant name in the headlines of theatre with Arturo Ui Oedipus Rex and Salome.
    Playwright Bryan Goluboff now adds to the list with his new play Big Al at Off Broadway's Arclight Theatre. The production which focuses on a Pacino-obsessed writer will begin previews Oct. 19 and opens Nov. 5 at the uptown Manhattan venue.
    Big Al - previously a one-act and 30-minute short film - focuses on a young screenwriter whose fixation with actor Al Pacino fuels his plan to author a movie for the thespian to the point of insanity.
    Evan Bergman directs a cast that includes Juan Carlos Hernandez (Play Yourself, The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told), Frank Whaley (news) (The Size of the World, The Years) and David Thornton (Some Voices, Girl Gone).
    Goluboff's other works include In-Betweens (Cherry Lane Theatre), Hey Buddy (American Jewish Theatre), My Side of the Story (E.S.T. Marathon) and The Other Five Percent (La MaMa, Pearl Theatre, and Showtime's Act One Festival). Goluboff also wrote the screenplay adaptation of Jim Carroll's "The Basketball Diaries," and co-wrote the HBO/BBC film "The Affair."
    For tickets to Big Al at the Arclight, 152 West 71 St., call Telecharge at (212) 239-6200.



MISCELLANEOUS TRIVIA      (back to top)

He shares a birthday with: Talia Shire (his co-star in The Godfather films), Hank Azaria, and Renee Zellweger
Alec Baldwin (Glengarry Glen Ross, Looking For Richard) wrote a 65 page final thesis on Al Pacino and method acting for his degree at NYU.



ANAGRAMS FROM "AL PACINO"      (back to top)

A pal, icon.       (from Meyran Kraus)
A lion cap?       (Think he owns.....)  (from Scarecrow maybe?) (from Jessie Cho)
Al Pain Co.       (from Susan, AP's Loft)
Capo in LA       (from Ticker)
Coal pain.         (from Susan, AP's Loft)
I, anal cop         (Cruising?) (from William Tunstall-Pedoe using Anagram Genius)
No CIA pal.      (Don't know Al's politics, but I get the feeling, he's.....) (from Jessie Cho)
O, can I lap?     (Don't know what this one could mean--???) (from Jessie Cho)
O! Lap in Ca    (from Ticker, - for this, Al is sitting with someone on his knee, in California....)
Pain cola?         (Since no more alcohol, does he drink....) (from Jessie Cho)




Samuel L. Jackson.......... at the "Yankee Breakfast" in Sea of Love as the man who tells Al to give up the bad news first.
Annie Lennox.................. in Revolution as one of the rioters.
Roberta Peters................ (opera star) portrays Danny Aiello's wife in City Hall
Raul Julia........................ plays an artist who is living with Kitty Winn's character's in the beginning of Panic in Needle Park, and has a short scene later on.




F. Murray Abraham Serpico
Scarface ("Omar" a drug dealer)
Looking for Richard (himself)
Danny Aiello The Godfather Part II (the strangler of Frankie Pantangelli)
City Hall ("Frank Anselmo")
Penny Allen Scarecrow ("Annie" his ex-wife)
Dog Day Afternoon ("Sylvia" the head teller at the bank)
Looking for Richard ("Queen Elizabeth")
She is also the wife of longtime friend and mentor Charles Laughton
Alec Baldwin Glengarry Glen Ross (the guy at the beginning, from downtown that fires everyone)
Looking for Richard ("George, the Duke of Clarence")
Charles Bailey Serpico (Production Designer)
Dog Day Afternoon (Production Designer)
Harold Becker Sea of Love (director)
City Hall (director)
Sulley Boyar Dog Day Afternoon (Mullvaney)
Serpico (the guy from the police academy presenting Serpico with a medal of honor)
Panic in Needle Park (as the Doctor Kitty Winn's character goes to for pain pills) thanks Kristen S.  for this info)
Paul Benedict Hughie on stage
Devil's Advocate (he is in the scene where kevin lomax (keanu reeves) is being shown around the law offices. the man showing him around asks Paul if he'll need to play good cop or bad cop in an interrogation. Paul replies, "we may not need a bad cop." (thanks Trinity for contributing this)
Richard Bright Panic in Needle Park ("Hank" his brother)
The Godfather movies ("Al Neri")
Martin Bregman Serpico (producer)
Dog Day Afternoon (producer)
Scarface (producer)
Sea of Love (producer)
Carlito's Way (producer)
Larry Bryggman Looking for Richard ("Lord Stanley")
...And Justice For Al ("Warren Fresnell")
Some folks may know him best for his role on John Dixon on "As The World Turns." He's also appeared in a couple of stage productions with Al.
James Bulleit Looking for Richard (line producer)
Donny Brasco ("US attorney" in the airport scene)
James Caan Dick Tracy
The Godfather ("Sonny")
Gene Canfield Sea of Love ("Struk", one of the cops on Pacino's team)
Scent of a Woman ("Manny" the limo driver)
Carlito's Way a (train conductor)
John Cazale The Godfather (his brother Fredo)
The Godfather Part II
Dog Day Afternoon (Sal)
Dominic Chianese The Godfather Part II ("Johnny Ola")
...And Justice For Al (at the beginning of the film - the guy who's in the stretcher who's car gets banged up)
Dog Day Afternoon (Sonny's father who sees him on the news)
Richard III (on stage)
Oedipus (on stage)
Bruno Kirby The Godfather Part II ("Peter Clemenza")
Donny Brasco ("Nicky")
Robert De Niro The Godfather Part II ("Vito Corleone", as a young man)
Heat ("Neil McCauley", professional theif)
Brian De Palma Scarface (director)
Carlito's Way (director)
Charles Durning Dog Day Afternoon ("Moretti")
Dick Tracy (police officer)
James Foley Two Bits (director)
Glengarry Glen Ross (director)
Richard Foronjy Serpico ("Corsaro")
Carlito's Way ("Pete Amadesso")
Al Israel Scarface ("Hector")
Carlito's Way (the drug kingpin that Carlito goes to visit when he gets out of prison)
Anna Hill Johnstone Serpico (Costume Designer)
The Godfather (Costume Designer)
Dog Day Afternoon (Costume Designer)
Fredrich Kimball Author! Author! (Larry Kotzwinkle)
Looking for Richard (as the cowriter)
Damien Leake Serpico ("Joey" one of the rapists, he later takes him for coffee to get a confession)
Sea of Love (the man who shows up late for the Yankees breakfast with his son)
Looking for Richard
Marcia Jean Kurtz The Panic in Needle Park - (Marcie)       (thanks Jamie S. for this info)
Dog Day Afternoon (Miriam)
Sidney Lumet Serpico (director)
Dog Day Afternoon (director)
Michael Mann Heat (director)
The Insider (director)
Mary Elizabeth Mostrantonio Scarface ("Gina" his sister)
Two Bits (his daughter)
Craig T. Nelson Devil's Advocate ("Alexander Cullen" the man accused of murder)
...And Justice For Al ("Frank Bowers", a prosecutor)
Alan North Serpico ("Brown")
...And Justice For Al (a deputy sheriff)
Arthur J. Ornitz Serpico (cinematographer)
Me, Natalie (cinematographer)
Michelle Pfeiffer Scarface ("Elvira" Tony's wife)
Frankie and Johnny (Frankie)
James Rebhorn Carlito's Way (police inspector)
Scent of a Woman (school principal)
Larry Romano Donnie Brasco ("Tommy" Lefty's son)
City Hall ("Tino Zapatti" the fellow who shoots the cop and is then shot by the cop in the opening)
Winona Ryder Looking for Richard  (Queen Anne)
Simone (Nicola)
Gianni Russo
The Godfather - Carlo
Any Given Sunday
- Johnny Polito
Angel Salazar Scarface ("Chi-Chi")
Carlito's Way (one of the men who welcome's back Carlito when he gets out of jail)
Paul Sorvino The Panic in Needle Park (He was the man that Kitty Winn took the money from & he's seen talkng to the cop)(thanks Kristen for this info)
(Steve Burns' boss)
Dick Tracy ("Lips Manlis")
Kevin Spacey Glengarry Glen Ross ("John Williamson" the office manager)
Looking for Richard ("Buckingham")
Oliver Stone Scarface (screenwriter)
Any Given Sunday (director)
Lee Strasberg The Godfather Part II ("Hyman Roth")
...And Justice For Al (Arthur's grandfather)
James Tolkan Serpico ("Steiger")
Author! Author! ("Lt. Glass")
Dick Tracy ("Numbers")
Tamara Tunie City Hall ("Leslie" the Mayor's secretary)
Devil's Advocate ("Jackie Heath")
Jack Warden N.Y.P.D. ("Detective Lieut. Mike" on this tv series)
...And Justice For Al ("Judge Rayford", the crazy judge)
Harris Yulin Scarface ("Mel Bernstein")
Looking for Richard



  1. ...And Justice For Al (Talking and cutting up with other lawyers in an early scene)
  2. Bobby Deerfield (He is in the bathtub on the phone)
  3. Carlito's Way (He hides in the bathroom when a gunfight breaks out in a pool room and during an arguement with his girlfriend Penelope Ann Miller)
  4. City Hall (He steps into the bathroom while he is getting dressed at the end of the movie)
  5. Devil's Advocate (Desguised as a journalist he tempts Keanu in the bathroom. Gosh that doesn't sound right... he temps him into giving in to his vanity ("my favorite sin")
  6. Dog Day Afternoon (He steps in to take the girl out of the bathroom where she's hiding)
  7. Donnie Brasco (the guys beat the host at the Japanese restaurant)
  8. Frankie and Johnny (He is in a bathroom putting a bandaid on Michelle Pfeiffer's hand)
  9. The Godfather (Probably the most famous bathroom scene where he hides the gun in the bathroom before he shoots the two men in the restaurant)
  10. Heat (He has a shower scene and finds his step-daughter in the bathtub attempting suicide)
  11. The Panic in Needle Park (He gets mad at his girlfriend and then they make-up)
  12. Scarecrow (Shower scene in jail)(also when he and Max get a place together and he tells Max all about the scarecrow.  How they aren't scared they're laughing. (thanks Kristen for this info)   
  13. Scarface (He has a fight with his sister in a bathroom, when Angel gets chain-sawed to death in the bathroom, and he is in the bathtub watching "dos              pelicans" on tv)
  14. Sea of Love (He is in the shower when someone rings the doorbell.)
  15.  Scent of a Woman (Charlie trying to tell Col. Frank's neice that he can't do the job and she's giving the rug rats a bath)
  16.  Serpico (He is in the bathtub with his girlfriend and at the police station where he complains of taking a pee-pee in the dark)




Absence of Malice (Paul Newman)
American Buffalo (movie version) (Dustin Hoffman)(Al did this play several times on stage)
Apocalypse Now (Martin Sheen)
Born on the Fourth of July (Tom Cruise)
Bunker, The (TV)   (Anthony Hopkins)
Coming Home  (Jon Voight)
The Cotton Club (Richard Gere)
Days of Heaven   (Richard Gere)
Gang That Couldn't Shoot Strait, The (Robert De Niro)(Al actually signed for this, but left it to do The Godfather.  He was sued by the producers.)
Johnny Handsome (Micky Rourke)
Kramer vs. Kramer (Dustin Hoffman)
Last Tycoon, The   (Robert De Niro)
Lenny (Dustin Hoffman)
Marathon Man (Dustin Hoffman)
Pretty Woman (Richard Gere)
Prince of the City   (?)
Rambo (Sylvester Stallone)
Shadow, The  (Alec Baldwin)
Slap Shot (Paul Newman)
Snake Eyes  (Gary Sinise)
Star Wars (Harrison Ford)
Sweet Bird of Youth (play)  (?)
Traffic  (Michael Douglas)
Wall Street (Micheal Douglas)




Childred of a Lesser God (William Hurt) (Al had two deaf aunts)
Lenny  (Dustin Hoffman)  (Al did some stand up comedy when he was starting out)



STUFF AL LIKES      (back to top)

 "Before Night Falls"  Al isn't involved in this film but he has complimented the star on his performance, calling him personally about it.  Johnny Depp has a supporting role.
 Anton Checkov (playwright)
 to wear black
 New York!




1 Tango
2 Actor's Studio
3 Diane   (Keaton)
4 Ivan
5 Hackman   (Gene)
6 killed
7 act
8 Cruising
9 bowling
9 bongo drums
10 Simone
11 Julius Caesar
12 American
13 Bronx Zoo
14 Waldorf
15 Insider
16 Napoleon
17 Orbach (Jerry)
18 Wyoming
19 offer
20 Michelle Pfeiffer (in Scarface)
21 Warden (Jack)
22 Dobb (Tom)
23 Donnie Brasco
24 Robert De Niro
25 Chinese Coffee
26 zero
27 Panic
28 Pavlo Hummel
28 piano
29 men
30 Ellen Barkin
31 bank
32 Sonny
33 N.Y.P.D.
34 Yule (Andrew)
35 Charles Laughton
36 blind
37 dog
38 Sea of Love
39 Pope
40 Keanu
41 Dare
42 A Life on the Wire
43 HB Studio (s)
44 Russell Crowe
45 Harlem
46 The Local Stigmatic
47 Mark Taper
48 Godfather
49 Rose
50 Scarface  (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)
51 real-estate
52 Europe
53 Dad
54 Oscar
55 Heat
56 Clayburgh (Jill)
57 Beverly D'Angelo
58 Kevin (Spacey)
59 actor
60 Two Bits  (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)
61 Serpico
62 Lion
63 Julie
64 Bobby Deerfield
65 Revolution
66 twins
67 Salvatore
68 Anton
69 Olivia
70 Lefty (Donnie Brasco)
71 Golden
72 Mann (Michael)
73 Teach (American Buffalo)
74 forgery
75 Any Given Sunday
76 Ricky Roma
77 Attica
78 tuna
79 cocaine
80 James
81 Hughie
82 Three
83 Rick
84 Keller (Marthe Keller / Frank Keller)
85 Corleone
86 Weld (Tuesday)
86 Wigand (Jeffrey)
87 handball
88 Big Boy Caprice
89 cop
90 mouse
91 LA
92 Penelope (Anne Miller)
93 ebay
94 endure
95 Montana (Tony, Scarface)
96 children's
97 Slade
98 Devil's Advocate   (...the ultimate fallen Angel ;)
99 Two
100 New York City
101 football
102 English Without Tears
103 Lincoln Center